Don't Make These Dating Mistakes

Dating comes with its own pressures, what to say and where should you go?  It is easy to make mistakes trying to get it rights.  There are some common problems but we want you to have a great date so don’t make these dating mistakes while you’re trying to impress and get a second date.

Stop Analyzing Everything

Listen to what they have to say but don’t sit there wondering if there is any hidden meaning.  They are probably as nervous as you are.  Don’t sit there wondering if you are getting the right signals, just ask.  You can ruin a potential relationship by overthinking and trying to analyze everything they say.

Keep the First Date Typical

The first and second date are about getting to know each other and coffee or dinner works best for that.  There is a reason that these types of dates are so common, they work.  You have the opportunity to talk and get to know each other.  Trying to impress with some extravagant date can blow up in your face pretty easily.  Trying too hard to standout can make you look like an idiot.

Be Prepared

There is nothing worse than awkward silences when you have nothing to talk about.  Try and prepare for these eventualities, have some topics on hand that you can bring up during the date to kill some awkward silences.  For some people conversation comes fairly easy but others may find it difficult, preparing ahead of time can stop those painful silences.

Don’t Judge too Quickly

First impressions can be wrong so don’t be too quick to judge.  When people are nervous they say and do things that are out of character because of social pressures.  They may be just as nervous about making a good first impression as you are.  Unless the date goes horribly wrong then give your date the benefit of the doubt.

Pay a Compliment

Compliment your date on their appearance or the things that they are good at.  Show an interest in the things that they are excited about and ask questions.  Giving your date compliments will leave a positive impression and encourage a second date.  If you don’t share the same interests then just downplay your disinterest don’t leave them feeling bad about themselves or their evening.

First dates in particular can be awkward enough but don’t add these common dating mistakes to the evening making it even worse.  Relax and just try to have fun.